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Hi, I am Dr. Agatha Bis. I help dentists develop their own unique impact and presence in their community, take control of their practice, improve their bottom line, build custom systems that deliver results, and strengthen teamwork. I do this with no-nonsense, simple approach that makes it easy for your team to handle changes to their work practices. This is about building what You envision, in a way that You see in evolve it the future, and achieve the Impact You want to make.

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Breaking down a business into its basic components in order to identify strengths & weaknesses, and where change is most needed.


Review and evaluation of each component of a business and its people allows the leader a non-biased view of the entire organization


Building a strategic plan using your vision, your long-term goals, and the impact you want to make is key to execution and action


Developing systems that are simple and easy to implement results in performance, team building, and rise in quality of client service and growth


Developing consistency is the key to long-term change. Implementation of systems that support habit formation results in your people knowing what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with

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Dental Business Management Online Training by UPB Dental Academy

One Change

If you know what you want to change or accomplish, check out our online courses to see what’s best suited for you and your business.

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Dental Practice Management Courses by UPB Dental Academy

Many Changes

If you prefer to learn at your own pace or choose what you work on first, check out our online programs to see how to get started on building your ultimate practice.

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Dental Management Training

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Schedule a call with us to discuss customized options for you and your practice so we can help you develop and create the unique impact you desire.

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Hi, I am Dr. Agatha Bis. I’ve been a dentist for 25 years, and during those years, I’ve hit major challenges, and faced the same issues you face when it comes to running a dental practice. I wasted way too much time listening to old-school advice from consultants that had no clue what it was like to be in my shoes. I can’t tell you how many times someone told me this couldn’t be done, or your patients won’t accept this, or just the good old: you can’t do it like that!

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Supporting Dentists with Growth

I believe that dentists must be profitable and valued in order to grow.

I believe that building structure and systemization are the solution to creating performers out of all team members in a dental office.

I achieve this through simple, profitable systems that deliver immediate results and accelerated growth in any dental practice.

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