This is the seventh blog in our series 12 Mistakes I Made When Starting in Dentistry. In the articles, Dr. Agatha Bis. writes about a mistake she made and the lesson she learned from it that helped her ultimately grow her dental practice. In this article—the importance of having a clear vision for your business.

One common blindspot of the dentists that I speak with is that they become easily overwhelmed and distracted by the sheer number of problems that their practice creates and they forget to focus on consistently working on improving their business. Many are so busy running around that they don’t have time to create any kind of a plan for the following year.  But failure to plan is …. Well. We all know that without creating structure and a solid plan with key actionable steps to what it is you want to achieve by the end of the year, results not only in chaos but also in your staff doing whatever they did in their previous office. But if we can anticipate challenges before they become BIG problems or BIG challenges, we can solve them while they are small; we can plan our next actions and get better, and grow.  We can create a consistent daily focus on some key things that when applied daily will result in extraordinary growth and success in your practice in a very short time. 

It’s About What You Want

So how do we do that?  How do we anticipate what’s coming?  How do we know what to do and when?  How do we influence our team to do the same?  The answer lies in having a clearly defined Strategic Plan. The Strategic plan gives you control over where you are going, how you want to get there, and what it means to everyone on your team regarding their responsibilities, commitments, and daily performance so that you reach your target by the end of the year. The Strategic Plan puts you in charge of where you want to be without having to nag, complain, stress, or get frustrated. You NOW have the one tool that you absolutely need in order to clearly describe YOUR vision for YOUR practice, and create measurable goals to work towards.  

In our Ultimate Strategic Plan program, you are going to learn: 

  • The key leadership skills to achieve whatever goals you want to reach by the end of next year
  • Review the past year in some specific ways, looking for trends, comparisons of past years, and where and why you met targets on some months but not others
  • Discuss the good and the bad from last year so you can learn what worked and what didn’t and create a plan to improve in the next year
  • Anticipate potential issues so that you  can be pro-active in managing problems and unnecessary spending
  • Plan your entire year focusing on some key aspects of your calendar as well as production 
  • Learn what to focus on for the upcoming year 
  • Concentrate on which key numbers to measure to achieve the most growth
  • Commit to specific items and commitments as well as how to achieve these consistently so that everyone knows what to do, when to do it, and who to do it with.  

So check out the Ultimate Strategic Plan program and start creating results in your practice today.  

Dr. Agatha Bis is a dentist in Oakville, Ontario, and the founder of UPB Dental Academy. Dr. Bis uses her experience and extensive research to develop the UPB Dental Academy Courses that are helping dentists achieve their ultimate practice.