This is the eleventh article in the series of blogs about 12 Mistakes I Made When Starting in Dentistry written by Dr. Agatha Bis. In each article, Dr. Bis shares a mistake and the lessons that she learned that helped her grow the success of her dental practice.  

Mistake #11 – Too Many Dental Courses

I went through a phase when all I did was take courses.  Have you ever been there?  Course after course, and idea after idea, I came back to my office with a “whole new way to change everything!”. That’s right. I had just learned a new and better way to do _____.  Except that it happened every single time I took a course. So the year I took 8 courses, I came back with 8 dramatic changes to my practice. And my team, at about course 5, said, that’s it. Enough is enough. We cannot keep up with what you are trying to do. So pick one thing you want to change and implement and focus on that. That was a huge eye-opener. What do you mean you can’t follow along and keep up and implement everything I learned?  

How Can You Possibly be Overwhelmed?

But they were. They were stressed and overwhelmed, our patients were confused with all the new info they were getting every time they came in, and frankly, I was kind of tired of seeing this new thing I learned in every single one of my patients. First, everyone had TMD. Then everyone’s bite was retruded. Then everyone NEEDED veneers. But in the end, I simply needed focus. I needed to figure out what it was—that one thing that I wanted to focus on, and go with that till it was solid, smooth, and easy to understand by anyone new who came into our practice. 

Re-Start With the Basics

So honestly, I started with the basics. I went to town to improve, structure, and optimize hygiene. We worked hard at testing every system, tweaking and improving every single step of every single system until it worked, and worked beautifully. When my hygiene department was done, it was the best thing I had ever seen anywhere. And it has been the first and most important change I made to make my practice into my Ultimate Practice. It has been a game-changer and if you want to learn more about it, check out the Ultimate Hygiene Program on our website.   

Dr. Agatha Bis is a cosmetic dentist and the founder of UPB Dental Academy. Dr. Bis uses her experience and extensive research to develop UPB Dental Academy Courses what help dentists achieve their ultimate practice.