Steven Covey wrote: “Begin with the end in mind”. He wrote one of my all-time favourite books, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. And though, when I read it, I was very young and idealistic, that one line made everything easier… and calmer. Thinking ahead to the outcome I wanted to achieve allowed me to see past the “now” and focus on the future. In relationships, it helped me focus on how to create a platform for agreement that served both of us, and in emotional moments, it certainly positioned me in a place of calm and rationality. Focusing on the end, the place I wanted to end up, helped me manage each moment, each situation, in a way that served me, served the other people around me, and inherently helped me grow as a human being and a business person.

But beginning with the end in mind has been invaluable in my dental practice. Looking at each patient with “future” goggles and envisioning what we could do long-term if nothing was in the way created opportunities to present comprehensive dentistry each and every time. But there is more to this. So let me tell you what NOT to do first, because I did it all, before I finally came to the right balance, the right formula, to presenting and achieving the outcome you want for your patients.

Introducing: 7 Habits of Highly Not-Effective Dentists… coming next to “Why I Hate Being a Dentist”