To be comfortable and feel that things are going ok… what’s wrong with that?  Doesn’t it mean that you are doing something right, and you should stay on that path?  Think again.  Not wanting to move forward in business and advance or exceed where you are now is actually the most common and detrimental mistake dentists make. 

If you assume that what things are like now will remain, you are setting yourself up to be blindsided.  If you stay in the safety of your complacency without a notion as to what’s happening around you, with all the changes not only in technology, but the information that’s out there and the way patients see us, and what they expect from us, your safety zone can become a danger zone.  Changes are occurring all around you that make what you are doing difficult to continue doing, or result in significant losses. 

The simplest example I can give you is how the information online has changed the last 2 decades of how we are perceived.  When I graduated from dentistry, I was a “Professional”, a well-respected doctor, and anywhere I went, people trusted and valued what I had to say.  Now we are told that the cure to cavities is in some magic oil, or supplement, and constantly questioned about our “exorbitant” fees by people who don’t seem to take overhead into account.  Dr. Google has become the ‘go-to’ for diagnosis and treatment, and no matter what we know or see on X-rays or in our patients’ mouth, they constantly question what we have to say because they found the cure online that we don’t want them to know about.

Complacency is a silent killer.  It is the cancer that will eat away at your business from the inside, quietly, steadily, and incurably.  Until you are so broken, and so worn out that you can’t get out.  Unless you fight this enemy now.  When I got complacent before 2008, the market crashed so it woke me up with a giant blast.  I had no choice but to get off my butt and get to work immediately or quit.  And quit I almost did.  But then reality kicked in – I couldn’t do anything else.  I would have to start from scratch.  I had no other job experience and never worked anywhere for a living before I became a dentist.  So dentistry was all I knew… I just had to re-invent the way I do it so that I could survive, and succeed.  And the best way to overcome complacency is simply just to start.  Start, by taking one step, making one decision, committing to the next move that will get you to the next step and the next step and the step after that so you can finally be on your way to your ultimate success. 

 For me, that first step was a change in mindset, what I am now working on and my deepest challenge when it comes to putting it on paper. It’s in our decisions that our destiny is shaped, and it was in that one decision that everything changed for me.  But it really began with a Strategic Plan, which is the first action I took after my mind was changed, so if you want to get started on the same journey as mine, to reach your ultimate practice, check our the Ultimate Strategic Plan, and let me help you take that next leap out of complacency and into new growth and new breakthroughs today.