Take Control of Your Dental Practice

Implement these systems to grow and protect your business, especially in an uncertain economic environment.

You Can’t Spend What You Don’t Have.

Managing the money in your dental practice is an important first step in keeping it running smoothly, and giving your practice the opportunity to grow. Looking back at what you did in the past isn’t the right approach.

This program teaches you to always look forward and be proactive with your money. Planning, knowing what your revenue and costs are, who needs to be paid first, and not spending more than you bring in are some of the key concepts covered in the full guide to Getting Your Money Right in Your Dental Practice.

Access the full 30-minute video including four critical steps to getting the money right in your dental practice.

    Build Your Ultimate Practice with UBP Dental Academy

    We want to help dentists achieve their ultimate practice and change the way patients see us. We created systems and principles that deliver results through simple, actionable steps. Each UPB Dental Academy course teaches you, through a series of videos and supporting materials, why the concepts are important, how they will impact your practice and how to implement the systems in your own practice.

    UPB Dental Academy programs were built by a dentist for dentists. They are proven to work by helping you focus and grow your practice to achieve incredible results quickly and easily.