My patient posts this on their Instagram:
My dentist is awesome. She has this cool technology to make my tooth, and in one visit! Check this out!

Patients videotape or take a photo and post on Instagram all the time in my dental office. Some love the scanner; others are mesmerized by the dental mill. They are all in awe when I am designing their crown or bridge in minutes right in front of their eyes, and cannot take their eyes off the 3D printer that is currently printing someone else’s night-guard.

Technology has changed us as dentists. It lifts us up in terms of how people see us; they are blown away by the technology that helps them with their teeth, and its precision, accuracy, speed, and beauty. Your reputation changes drastically when you surround yourself with the latest in digital dentistry and learn to manage it, incorporate it into each appointment, and show your patients how much you care that they get to benefit from the latest and greatest.

But there is another layer to bringing new technology into my dental office. For me, my staff has seen the progress and the change and the growth in me as a dentist. They see how much I have improved as a clinician. And how they see me is important to me. When I am not in the room, they constantly talk about all the things I am doing, learning, and working on and are genuinely proud to be on my team.

How I see me is important.
I am better today because of this piece of technology, than I was yesterday. And that is a whole new level of case presentation. I know I can deliver better cases. That confidence builds more comprehensive cases and allows me to take my case presentation to a whole new level – a more professional level. It shows that I have a lot of tools in my hands in order to be able to deliver. And when I come to a case presentation with all those tools in hand, there is no better feeling that to watch the patient gain a whole new level of respect for what it is I do everyday.