I made a decision. I actually made this decision so many times before, but fear, pressure, and patients whining and complaining made me go back again. But this time, it’s different. This time, I am different. COVID changed me. Well, not really covid, just the way everything happened as a result of it. I have tried to change my practice, the way we do things, so many times before covid. But it never worked. I don’t really know if I chickened out or if there was just so much going on that I go busy doing clinical dentistry instead of really focusing on the business side of it. But in the end, when the world stopped and everything shut down, including my own practice, something changed. Something shifted inside me and I can’t go back now.

So I made a decision again. But this time, I made it in April, when the world was in chaos and that’s when I think the most clearly. So here is how it went: I asked one question:

If I could do it differently, what would that look like?

And out of that came the answers.

How to deal with patients…
How to schedule appointments…
How to deal with insurance… or actually not deal with them at all
How to deal with estimates and money in general
How to deal with patients who only want to “patch” something
How to deal with patients who want to only do one thing and not the rest
How to ensure that everyone on my team is congruent with me and my decision

A plan emerged. And it seemed like there is no way patients would go for it. In fact, my most long-term employee said there was no way this was going to work. But she was wrong. And the many people I spoke to who said this would never work were wrong.

The patients agreed. The patients did what I asked. The patients scheduled comprehensive treatment, ignoring what their insurance coverage would allow. And they paid in full and up-front.


It’s so simple, you will actually not even believe it could be true.

Until you try it. Ask me how…