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UPB Dental Academy prides itself on producing new and informative content to help you and your Dental Practice grow. We understand where your problems arise from, and how to solve them. Join us on this journey of continuous improvement!

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UBP Dental Academy

Created by a dentist with the help of experts in business, leadership, motivation, team building, and customer service, UPB Dental Academy offers valuable, tested solutions to the challenges all dentists face when running a dental practice.


The Benefits Of Our Courses


Our Ultimate Goal


My Story


How We Help Dentists Face Their Challenges

Ultimate Strategic Plan

Reach your goals and grow your business with a simple system that aligns your team with your vision so you can achieve your ultimate dental practice.


Ultimate Strategic Plan Trailer


Ultimate Strategic Plan


Built By A Dentist


How To Meet Targets and Goals


Benefits of Having a Strategic Plan


What is a Strategic Plan

Ultimate Team Culture

Align your team with your vision to reach your goals and grow your business by creating a high-performing team for your ultimate practice.


Ultimate Team Culture Trailer


Ultimate Team Culture


Common Challenges


Is It For You


How To Find The Right People


How To Set Goals


Why Focus on Creating Team Culture


How do I get my ______ to _______


Why Is It Important To Have a Strong Team Culture


Are You Hoping the Drama Goes Away On Its Own

Ultimate Hygiene Program

Get incredible growth and patient compliance by creating a performance-driven, client-centered continuing care department in your practice.

Ultimate Hygiene Program Trailer


Breakthrough To An Incredible Practice


How Your Staff Will Improve


How To Introduce the Program to Your Practice

The Invisible Secret to Achieving Your Ultimate Practice

Reach your goals and grow your business by applying a small yet powerful secret to all interactions with your clients.

Invisible Secret Trailer

Invisible Secret

The Secret to Creating Your Ultimate Dental Practice

I Struggled as a Dentist Until I Discovered THIS!

Why Didn't They Teach This in Dental School?

How the Invisible Secret Changes Your Dental Practice

Ultimate Effective Meetings

Reach your goals and grow your business by creating crystal clear communication and understanding of how to reach your targets through meetings that have clear, specific and actionable agendas and outcomes.

Effective Meetings Trailer

Effective Meetings

Why We Created Effective Meetings

Dental Office Communication

Dental Office Meetings Cost Money

Create Structure and Eliminate Drama

How I grew My Dental Practice With Effective Meetings

How The Effective Meetings Program Works

Meetings Are Like Dinner Parties

Most Dental Offices Waste Time in Meetings

Who is Effective Meetings For?

Why it is Important to Create Structure

Easy to Implement in Your Dental Office

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