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  • The Invisible Secret | Dental Business Management Courses Toronto | UPB Dental Academy
    In this program, we reveal a system that can dramatically change the way you connect with your clients, drastically raise your case acceptance, and create loyal, long-term clients who refer their friends and family. This system has been extensively researched and studied, and, if you apply even some of what you learn, you will see dramatic changes to the way your patients perceive you and trust you in your treatment recommendations.
  • Ultimate Effective Meetings | Dental Business & Practice Management Courses Toronto | UPB Dental Academy
    If you have ever worked in an office filled with drama, politics, dysfunction, and confusion, you know the emotional AND the financial cost of having poor communication. Those offices waste time and resources, have lower productivity, loss of revenue, high staff turnover, and high levels of client attrition. This program changes that.  Ultimate Effective Meetings teaches you how to shift your meetings so you can get things done in each one, with specific, clear definite actions that help you grow, help you create your ultimate practice.
  • Ultimate Hygiene Program | Dental Business & Practice Management Courses & Online Training | UPB Dental Academy
    This course is about sharing some key systems, that I have developed through years and years of trial and error, improvement and refinement until they worked and worked beautifully.  I have experienced the same ups and the same downs as you have in my business so I know what you are feeling, no matter where you are right now. But I also know that you can reach new heights, you can achieve much greater profitability, and you can deliver even more value to your clients than ever before. Find out how you too can reach the peaks that you never dreamed possible, create the success you didn’t think you could, and build your business to be a complete and ultimate performer, through this revolutionary Ultimate Hygiene Program.
  • Ultimate Strategic Plan Course by UPB Dental Academy
    Many dentists set targets for their business but fail to achieve them. Having an Ultimate Strategic Plan turns the invisible into the visible, teaches you how to make your dreams a reality, and helps you create a detailed, specific, actionable plan for your dental business. If you have ever set out to achieve something, anything, and came short, or in some cases, didn’t get there at all, then this is the program for you.
  • Ultimate Team Culture | Dental Business & Practice Management Courses | UPB Dental Academy
    Do you sometimes find it difficult to manage your team and motivate them to perform at a higher level? Do you feel your dental practice is suffering because of office drama, gossip or lack of communication? Would you like to know how to motivate your team so they not only deliver results but do so because of their belief and support of your vision? Start now in creating your ultimate practice by getting your people to work together with the Ultimate Team Culture that aligns with your vision.
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