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Ultimate Case Presentation


What is the secret to high case acceptance in a dental office?  Why do some dentists do so much of the dentistry they want to do and others struggle daily to have their patients agree to treatment recommended? How can we, as dental professionals, improve our case presentation in order to influence our patients to go ahead with the treatment they need yet object to?  The key lies in having an Ultimate Case Presentation each and every time you present treatment to your patients.

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Ultimate Case Presentation teaches you how to become a true professional by learning some key elements of an exceptional case presentation:

  • 7 Key elements to getting a YES.
  • How to connect with all kinds of people so they trust and respect you immediately.
  • How to find out what they want and how they are motivated to buy.
  • How to build value based on who they are.
  • How to overcome objections.
  • 5 things you must know about a client before presenting any treatment.
  • How to find out what motivates your clients so that you can create a customized presentation just for them to create maximum agreement and case acceptance.
  • A simple yet unique way to summarize each client’s key information so that everyone on your team can present treatment in a way that creates urgency and results in case acceptance.
  • A revolutionary client-based sequence of simple steps presented in a template that helps move clients towards more comprehensive types of dentistry without pressure or gimmicks.

Ultimate Case Presentation is a game-changer for treatment acceptance and will revolutionize your business with less stress and more freedom to do what you want to do.

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