Are you frustrated yet?
Are you pissed off yet?
Are you scared or fearful yet?
Or are you just freaking hopelessly shocked yet?

Yep. The world is upside down. What has happened in 2020 is the strangest, weirdest year ever! And I’ve gone through a refugee camp!

I am sitting here, 3 months after shut down due to COVID-19 and working my way back in. So are all of you. Quietly, cautiously, and silently, we maneuver through the cost of PPE, the limited amounts, and the constant changes in regulations. But we all want to come back and we all want to come back safely. Some of us are loud and aggressive – I will own it, that’s me now. I wasn’t always like this. I used to be totally introverted and nice. But it didn’t work for me since everyone walked all over me and took advantage. So I shifted. And I like who I am now. But many dentists are not. Many dentists are introverted, quiet, soft leaders that want to do the best they can and are completely misunderstood by staying silent.

“boo hoo boo hoo poor me I am poor”, she says.

She blasts me all over social media because she doesn’t seem to understand the cost and the lack of PPE available as I talk about it on YouTube. And I am all for differing opinions. If you don’t agree with me, go for it. Set it out and let the world hear you. But don’t call me “uneducated” or “stupid” or “a disgrace” or “shameful” then take your comments down when I simply clarify what it is we are all trying to do.

Dentists, owners of a dental practice, we are all united in one common thing: we are constantly verbally abused by “haters”. It’s the people that lash out without understanding what it is we are doing. Or the ones who have no clue when it comes to overhead and keeping a dental office alive. Or even better, the ones who lash out and scream on social media but won’t show their face when all we are doing is maneuvering through the muddy waters of the unknown.

I am so tired of us, the dentists, being blamed, shamed or yelled at because… well, apparently, because we can make money doing our job. Apparently, according to the “haters” we are evil because we make money at all. And based on Lisa’s opinion, oops, the “haters”, we should not make money anymore and fund all the PPE moving forward from that tree in our backyard that grows money.

Grow the f$%k up Lisa.

We work so hard, and are so dedicated to our practice and our team and our patients. We need to unite together and fight the bashing and elevate our profession, rather than sit quietly on the sidelines and take it up t$#… well, you know. So join, subscribe, email UPB Dental Academy, but become part of the voice of change to elevate all dentists and join forces to fight the…haters.