What would you say to someone who is thinking about buying a new piece of technology but is on the fence?
This is the same as saying to someone who is blind:
Hey, if I can get you to see, would you be interested?
And they respond:
Hmm, I have to think about it.

If something can make your life simpler, better, easier, why wouldn’t you do it/get it?
If someone says, I have to think about it, and this is what our patients say to us, that means they don’t understand the benefits to them.
That means somebody didn’t do a good job communicating the benefits of this thing to them, and so they are going to use the excuse that they don’t have the money for it. If money was the real reason, you wouldn’t even be having this conversation. They don’t see the value in it yet.
If all you do is the math, the ROI equation, and calculate how long it will take to get your money back, how many times you have to use this thing to justify the cost of it, you are missing out on something much bigger. You simply can’t look at it like that. You don’t know what you don’t know.
If I said to you, that this piece of technology will allow you to close lots of comprehensive cases easily, and that it what you truly want to be doing more of, the truth is it would pay for itself in one day. You don’t know what you don’t know. The problem is that dentists are being sold a product, not a solution, because the people selling to them don’t understand the solution themselves.

So understanding why this person is looking at this thing is key. Are they looking at this thing because they want something shiny? Or maybe they were bored and came across it searching online. Or maybe, they have an issue, a pain somewhere inside their practice and they want to solve it. And this thing will help them solve it easily.

Do they want different solutions for their patients?
Do they want to close more cases?
Do they want a cutting edge office?

You are selling blindly if you don’t know what they want. You need to get to know them. Find out what they want, what their pain is, and how they could benefit the greatest. Sell them what they want; don’t just list a bunch of benefits this thing may have but they couldn’t care less about those. All they want it to solve their pain. You don’t need a lot of ways to push someone over the fence, you just need one good one. One that belongs to them.