Ultimate Effective Meetings

Learn how to make meetings productive and profitable.

Most dentists and office managers are in a reactive mode all day long. When you do that, you end up working way harder, way longer, getting very little done in the process, and most importantly end up very frustrated and stressed at the end of the day. 

Many offices hold meetings from time to time but have no agenda, no specific topics that need to be covered, no formal protocols for how the meeting is supposed to run.  So many of these just turn into “complain sessions” and nothing really gets resolved or improves. 

This program changes that.  Effective Meetings program teaches you how to shift your meetings so you can get things done in each one, with specific, clear definite actions that help you grow, help you create your Ultimate practice.

Ultimate Effective Meetings

One of the biggest influences on the health of a dental practice today, the business of it, is communication.  An office where there is strong and clear communication gets smarter and stronger with time.  That’s because the people in that office learn from one another, identify critical challenges, and recover quickly from errors or issues, without drama, politics or confusion. 

If you have ever worked in an office filled with drama, politics, dysfunction, and confusion, you know the emotional AND the financial cost of having poor communication.  Those offices waste time and resources, have lower productivity, loss of revenue, high staff turnover, and high levels of client attrition. 

There is no way that your employees can be empowered to fulfill all their responsibilities if they don’t receive clear and consistent messages about what is important from their leader.

How do we go about achieving crystal clear communication?  The answer lies in having great meetings.

What You Will Learn With Ultimate Effective Meetings:

  • the Daily Active is designed to take care of small items that come up each day to create smooth daily flow and prevent interruptions. This meeting is short and fast-paced and meant to create structure around the little things that need to get done daily, but have no place in a larger type meeting, or during the day through random interruptions.

  • the Weekly Audit is a quick review and summary of what’s going on each day of the week, and includes a short summary of some key metrics.

  • the Monthly Review contains a summary of KPIs from past month, and focuses on one to three key items that need attention for the next month. This meeting also works on moving your office forward based on targets that were set out in the previous annual Strategic Plan meeting

  • the Quarterly Analysis is an analysis of the past quarter, paying special attention to the key metrics from the past 3 months, and focuses more on strategy and planning for the next quarter, including how we did, how can we improve, what we need to really focus on

  • the Annual Strategic is a full day, once a year meeting that outlines the next year.  In this meeting, you will incorporate the Ultimate Strategic Plan, which is a critical portion of this meeting. You will discuss key metrics, the KPIs, plans for the entire next year, go over things to focus on, action items, and review the past year and its trends in order to grow in the upcoming year

  • the Personal One-on-One is an interview with one employee about anything. It can range from things like training on a specific task this person wants to learn, or conversation about individual behaviour or any personal concerns

  • the Performance Check Up is a personal growth exercise to help the individual get better and improve in something they want to improve on or learn more about, as well as get clear feedback on how you feel they are doing and how they are contributing to the growth of the business.

Establishing clear communication through meetings creates a business that will succeed long-term.

Effective Meetings focuses and outlines each meeting and details how to incorporate these into your practice so you can get your team working together towards your outlined goals and targets.  



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