Ultimate Hygiene Program

A guide to incredible growth and performance through the continuing care portion of your practice.

I want you to be successful, and I want to help you reach that success easily. This course is about sharing some key systems, that I have developed through years and years of trial and error, improvement and refinement until they worked, and worked beautifully. I am a dentist, and a business owner, a leader, and also a parent.  I am you.  I have experienced the same problems in my dental office as you do in yours.  I have had the same challenges with staff, clients, finances, and changes in economy. I have been through the same ups and the same downs as you have in my business so I know what you are feeling, no matter where you are right now.

But I also know that you can reach new heights, you can achieve much greater profitability, and you can deliver even more value to your clients than ever before.  And I know this because I have done it.  I have created my ultimate dental practice.  And I am still re-inventing where I want it to go next.

Ultimate Hygiene Program

Go on this journey with me to find out how you too can reach the peaks that you never dreamed possible, create the success you didn’t think you could, and build your business to be a complete and ultimate performer, through this revolutionary Ultimate Hygiene Program.

The Ultimate Hygiene Program can help you reach new heights, achieve much greater profitability, and deliver even more value to your clients than ever before. 

What You Will Learn in The Ultimate Hygiene Program:

  • 10 steps to an ultimate hygiene appointment – these are simple, yet incredibly important things that MUST be present during each hygiene appointment in order to create impact and consistency during each client visit.
  • The 7 screenings that take 2 minutes to do, yet result in incredible patient compliance and emotional commitment to move forward with recommended treatment.
  • Summaries and checklists for your hygienists to ensure that what they have learned here is being done with each client and each appointment.
  • Detailed explanations for your hygienists on why, how, and what to do with each of the above steps so that they can easily deliver what they learned immediately in your practice.
  • 5 easy ways to optimize hygiene for the greatest profitability.
  • The Practice Success Curve – this simple graphic helps you understand where you are in your practice now when it comes to growth. Understanding this key element is critical to knowing what to focus on next in order to achieve maximum growth and results quickly and effectively.
  • The 5 questions all patients have but don’t ask, which reveals the 5 most common hidden patient concerns and focuses on how to overcome their objections.
  • Walkthrough of a simple, fun workshop that you can do with your team in order to help them understand the value of your services, as well as shift them to learn to support you in recommending the type of dentistry you want to do more of in your practice.
  • Learn an approach called the Healing Model, which is based on medical protocols of treatment of disease, prevention and recurrence, customized for dentistry in order to create a dramatic increase in patient compliance when it comes to periodontal therapy and restorative case acceptance urgency. So if you have patients that don’t come in at your recommended intervals or keep delaying treatment you recommended, you will love this approach and it’s super easy to implement immediately into your practice.
  • A bonus section called the Cuticle Comparison, which is a simple yet effective way to create a deep understanding of how important periodontal therapy is in even your most reluctant patients.
  • And finally… the COE, or the Complete Oral Exam, I will talk about WHY you want to incorporate this EVERY 5 years on ALL your patients. I will outline WHAT to do in the COE in order to increase patient case acceptance and build a deeper understanding for what you have been telling them for years; and HOW to carry out the COE precisely so you create an incredible experience for your patients and a dramatic increase in case acceptance.

Grow your practice and create incredible performance through your hygiene department.

Take advantage of the Ultimate Hygiene Program to elevate your business to new heights through a simple, systematic approach to the way your hygienists perform and deliver client care in your dental practice.


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